Top Posts For November 2011

And November has come to a close. It was a great month for the site and I hope it was a great month  for you.

This month saw the death of a great friend and leader, a great Thanksgiving spent with my family and my in-laws, and another month of blog posts.

I shared many of these moments with you, my readers. I hope you enjoyed them.

Today we will be reviewing the most viewed posts for November.

The five most viewed posts of November 2011 were:

  1. Life Is Short
    In this post, I honored the life of a great friend and leader, Steve. He passed away after a short bout with cancer. He will be remembered for his big smile and great sense of humor. Steve also loved those he served more than anyone I know.
  2. Thanksgiving
    We get so caught up in the holiday season that we can overlook Thanksgiving and what it means. This year I wrote about the people and things that I am thankful for. The list is not comprehensive but a brief overview of my thankfulness.
  3. Are You Generous?
    I was inspired to write this post because of a present I received. I encourage you to be generous where you can. Donate your time, money, food, etc.. You will make a difference.
  4. A Walk In The Woods
    Life was getting hectic and made a retreat into the woods for a walk by myself. Check out this post to find out why you should take time to relax and smell the roses.
  5. Where Did The Path Go
    So often we lose sight of the path we are following. I give you 4 steps to find the path again. This seemed to resonate with you, my readers.

That is the wrap up of top posts for my second month of blogging. I am pretty proud of how the month turned out.

Comparing this month to last month, every day but two saw an increase in traffic.

Visits and unique visits more than doubled. Page views more than tripled.

This is very encouraging to me. I feel like I am doing something right.

I am also excited that I was able to do a guest post on that will be published on Christmas day, December 25th. I will post a reminder and a link when it is published.

Thank you for reading and commenting on the blog. I appreciate everyone who visits and/or comments.

Question: If you blog, what was your top post for November? Feel free to post a link. If you do not blog, what was your favorite post for the month? Share your answer in the comment section below.

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