Top Posts and Commenters For June 2012

I hope you’re all having a terrific July 4th. Please take time today to remember the sacrifices that have been made so that America can remain free.

It’s also time to review the month of June. Letting you know what the top posts were, the top commenters, and site statistics. Are you ready?

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Top 10 Posts

  1. What Can 20 Seconds of Insane Courage Do For You?
  2. Leadership Insights: Interview with Dan Miller
  3. The 20 Mile March
  4. 3 Ways to Live Rightly
  5. Give Me A Break
  6. 3 Secrets to Effective Leadership
  7. Fighting To Be Right
  8. Chasing After The Worthless
  9. Tribute to My Father
  10. Management is Not Leadership

Top 10 Commenters

  1. Dan Black
  2. Brandon Gilliland
  3. DS
  4. Kimanzi Constable
  5. Ngina Otiende
  6. Kent Julian
  7. Jon Stolpe
  8. TC Avey
  9. Bernard Haynes
  10. Chris Vonada

Thank you to each and every one of you that commented on my blog posts. I appreciate the insights you share when you take the time to leave a message on the site.

Dan will be receiving Peace Be With You: Monastic Wisdom For A Terror Filled World by David Carlson.

The top 4 commenters in July will be receiving The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn. This was a great book detailing how the Bible says YES more than no. I highly recommend you check it out.

Site Statistics

I like to shoot straight with you guys so I won’t lie. June was a rough month at

The statistics that I feel are most important were down by quite a bit.

I’m unsure why this was but I’m doing my best to process the information and improve from the data. Do you, my reader, have any ideas on why my site experienced such a drop?

  • Visits dropped by 17.57%
  • Unique Visits dropped 21.84%
  • Page Views were down 16.06%
  • Pages per Visit increased 1.83%
  • Average Visit Duration increased 12.71%

Like I said, it was a rough month. Regardless, I will continue to move on and keep writing.

Question: How was your month of blogging? What was your most popular post for the month? If you don’t blog, what was your favorite post that you read this month? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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