Top Posts And Commenters For January 2016

Anyone else amazed at how quickly the new year started off? It seems like yesterday I was ringing in the new year with my wife, my parents, and a couple of my siblings.

Now, we’re off and into February. And, for me, this month is only going to increase momentum. I’ve got a lot planned and hope you do as well.

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Top Posts

1. 10 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From The Intern

2. 20 Encouraging Bible Verses For Young Leaders

3. 25 Leadership Quotes From Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Creed

5. 17 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Pixar’s Inside Out

6. 9 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Burnt

7. 16 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Big Hero 6

8. 15 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From The Maze Runner

9. 13 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Bridge Of Spies

10. 10 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Captain America: Winter Soldier

There’s not a lot of surprising movement with the top posts for the month. These posts are still consisting mainly of movie posts and quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I’ve got my eyes on a couple of movies for the month of February and I think you’ll enjoy the lessons that are pulled out.

Top Commenters

1. Jon Stolpe

2. Ralph Mayhew

3. Dan Black

4. Rizwwan Ahmad

5. Brandon R Allen

6. Jane

7. Kari Scare

8. Nicecolumnbyshira

9. Martha DeMeo

10. Alice Gerard

Comments picked up quite a bit in the month of January. I’m not sure if this is a side-effect of Copyblogger and Michael Hyatt re-enabling comments on their blogs or it could be that people were more willing to engage in comments.

Either way, I’m excited to see people commenting and bringing more value to the blog posts on this site.

Site Statistics

Sessions – Increased 40.25%

Users – Increased 39.43%

Pageviews – Increased 40.59%

Pages Per Session – Increased 0.25%

Average Session Duration – Increased 9.11%

Bounce Rate – Increased 3.37%

New Sessions – Increased 0.44%

After a couple of rough months, it was great to see the site statistics increase again. The blog is almost back to the traffic it was seeing previous to a huge nosedive.

This reminds us that dips and valleys comes in blogging. Don’t freak out. Ride the wave to the finish.

Blog News

January saw the launch of The Answers From Leadership Podcast. There’s been a wealth of leadership knowledge dropped in the 3 interview episodes that have released so far.

I highly encourage you to check out the interviews with Tyler Reagin, Paul Sohn, and Chester Goad. If you like these podcast episodes, please subscribe and rate the podcast here.

Question: How was your month? If you’re a blogger, share your most popular post. If you’re not, share your favorite post from a blogger you follow.

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