The Risks Of Playing Things Too Safe

When people think of risk, they think of things being unsafe. The lack of safety leads to injury or trouble.

Yeah, there are those kinds of risk. But there’s an even bigger risk.

The risk of playing things too safe…

Isn’t safety the opposite of risk? Yes and no.

Being safe does prevent bad things from happening. It keeps people in line. Safety helps people avoid any risk.

But then safety becomes a risk when people are unwilling to do anything outside of their comfort zone or that could go wrong.

Think about a time you played things a little too safe. It could be failing to buy Bitcoin when someone close to you told you to buy it at $400. It could be you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings so you didn’t have the difficult conversation that could have resulted in a broken relationship.

Playing things safe doesn’t mean there’s no risk involved. There’s still risk. It’s a different kind of risk.

Does that make sense? It makes sense to me.

Let’s stop playing things too safe. Start taking some chances. Break the risk of safety.

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