The Problems People Have With Millennials

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Whenever I take a look at millennials and the problems people have with them, I have to chuckle. Most of the problems aren’t common only to millennials.

Every generation has had its outspoken, arrogant, and “selfish” individuals. These are the problems you often hear about the millennial generation. But these are problems every generation have caused.

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So, what’re the real problems people have with millennials?

The Problems People Have With Millennials

1. Millennials desire and live out their passions:

Take a minute and listen to a millennial. Ask them why they work and what they want to do with their lives. Their answer will differ from yours.

You might say you desire to have a nuclear family, a stable, well-paying job, and a home base. The items you want tend to be safety and security. To do this, you are willing to put your passions to the side and work for the man.

I’m not saying millennials don’t want safety and security. They do but they see safety and security in a different light. They see chasing their passions as core to their life mission.

Millennials desire to work in a place where their passions are fully utilized. They don’t want to bottle their passions for 8 hours every day. No, millennials want to make sure they are fully living out their passions in their work, family, and personal lives.

2. Millennials want to live a life of purpose:

You might not desire to live a life of purpose. You may be content to wake up, go to work, come home, rinse and repeat for a paycheck.

Millennials have a different want. They want to make sure everything they’re doing has a purpose.

They will ask questions such as:

  • Is this coffee I’m drinking ethically sourced?
  • How is the work am doing making a difference?
  • Whose life will be impacted by the actions I take today?

Millennials look beyond themselves. They see others and want to make sure they’re treated fairly. Millennials have found purpose in making sure people are treated fairly.

This extends to every aspect of their life. And people have a problem with millennials because of it.

Why? Because it makes them seem ungrateful at times. Have you heard this before:

Geez, why can’t Pete’s son be grateful for a well-paying job? Instead, he up and quits because he doesn’t feel fulfilled.”

Millennials won’t work at a place long if they don’t feel like their work has a purpose.

3. Millennials are spending more on quality products:

Because of their desire to live out their passions and to work with purpose, a lot of millennials are giving up the golden handcuffs. They chafe at the constant pressure to save by buying inexpensive products. Instead, they are willing to spend more on less.

This causes people to see millennials as broke street urchins. They believe because millennials desire high-quality, well-made goods, they handle money poorly.

I know I feel this way at times.

I look at the ethically sourced clothing my wife (she’s not a millennial but this habit fits) buys from Adored Boutique. It’s more expensive than going to Sears, TJ Maxx, or JC Penney.

However, there’s a reason it costs more. The clothing is of higher quality. The people making the clothing are paid fairly. And the proceeds from the sales go to help the local community.

Know millennials aren’t looking to spend more just to spend more. They’re wanting to be wise with their money and buy things that align with their values.

4. Millennials are more connected than ever:

The internet and social media has changed the way people communicate. Many millennials cannot remember a time without an iPhone or iPad in their hands. They’ve always been connected to the internet and there’s been no life without it.

This creates a weird dichotomy. Yes, they’re connected online. Offline, however, they’re less connected.

Older generations are struggling to understand this problem. They were brought up in a time of in-person only communication. Why can’t these darn millennials learn to communicate this way?

It’s because they’ve found ways to connect with the world around them without in-person interactions. They are forming friendships through Instagram, Twitter, blogs, podcasts, and more. Their connections far outweigh the connections of previous generations.

Question: What other problems have you seen people have with millennials? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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