The Greatest Good

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Think of all the good things in your life.

Money. Family. Talents. Hobbies. Career.

All of these items are GOOD. Some may even be great.

To you, these are your RICHES.

They are so good that you want to share them with others. You want to bless them with the experience.

But I want you to STOP!

Not because it sharing these good things is bad. I want you to stop because you can bless others in a better way.

What would happen if instead of sharing your talent or hobby with someone, you encouraged and helped them find their own talent?

You would have done the greatest good you could do for someone. You would have helped reveal their own riches.

Lets say you:

  • Play the guitar
    You can share the riches of your skills on the guitar by playing for your friend. He will have had a temporary experience where he was able to enjoy the beautiful sounds of a guitar.Or you can help your friend develop their skill on the guitar. He will now be able to pick up a guitar and play the beautiful sounds when he wants to. You have revealed new riches to your friend.
  • Take great pictures
    You share your riches of this skill by snapping photographs that people will enjoy. Your friends and family are able to relive the experiences you captured in the photos.Or you can teach how to take a great photograph. They will now be able to take a photograph that captures their experience. They can display their great picture with the knowledge that they created something wonderful. You have helped them discover new riches in life.
  • Are a skilled craftsman
    You are able to craft exquisite furniture. Those around you love them and comment how they would love to be able to create a table like you can.Or you take the time and show them how to create a piece of art. You guide their hands as they start a project. Eventually, they are able to see and design a table that rivals your own. You have revealed their riches.

Take the time to listen to the words others are speaking. Are they telling you that would like to be able to create the things that you create?

When they mention it, offer to help them develop their skill. You will help them uncover riches they never knew they had.

They will be able to create beautiful music. Capture beautiful scenes. Or create beautiful works of art.

You will have given them the greatest good.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.”
— Benjamin Disraeli

Question: How could you help reveal the riches of those around you? Please share your answers in the comment section below.

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