The Damage To Your Reputation From Not Speaking Up

The Speak Up! Series

By not speaking up, you’re sending a crystal clear message to those you’re leading and those you’re influencing. You’re sending a message that your voice doesn’t matter.

This may seem crazy to you but it is true. Your silence is screaming at those waiting to listen to you. They desire to hear from you and learn from you.

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But, when all you do is stay silent, your reputation can be irreparably damaged.

Silence Says Something

When you stay silent, you’re sending a message. You’re saying you don’t believe in what you say. You say you’re unsure you have something of value to contribute. Or maybe you’re saying you don’t know what you’re doing.

Regardless of what message you’re sending when you stay silent, you’re sending a message. A message people are receiving and playing over and over in their minds.

They see you not as a leader. Not as a contributor. But as someone who doesn’t hold the authority to get things done.

You’re Damaging Your Reputation

That’s right. I said it. You’re damaging your reputation with your silence.

People are losing respect for you as you sit idly by and say nothing. They see you have taken the title of a leader yet not really stepping into the position of leadership.

You’re damaging your reputation by not speaking up and out.

Repair The Damage

The good news is that you can repair the damage you’ve done to your reputation by remaining. You can begin to share your voice and be taken seriously again.

All you have to do is fully step into your position as a leader. This means you not only guide and show the way. You will also begin speaking up and sharing your insights.

You can repair your damaged reputation by doing what a leader does.

Question: Have you stayed silent in a leadership position? How did you see your silence hurt your reputation?

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