The Challenges Of A Job Transition

I haven’t had a lot of experience with job transitions. However, the job transitions I’ve had, have exposed me to the challenges you will face when switching jobs.

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Most recently, I switched companies and experienced the challenges once more. Today, we’re going to talk about what challenges you’ll face as you transition to a new organization and what you can do about them.

The Excitement Of A Job Transition

Let’s be honest, when you choose to transition from one organization to another, the transition is exciting. You get to move into a new organization and help them thrive. Your expertise will change the company you’re going to.

That is exciting. You have new opportunities. New challenges. New relationships. And, hopefully, better pay.

These items make a job transition fun and exciting. You’re getting to move out and expand your horizons.

And yet there are challenges you’re going to face. These job transition challenges are scary and you may even think twice about switching jobs because of them.

Before we get into the challenges, let me encourage you to stay the course. Don’t run from the challenge of switching jobs. Embrace it, if the transition is right for you.

The Challenges Of A Job Transition

When I think of job transitions and switching organizations, there are two major transitions in my life. The first is when Pam and I left a church I’d attended for 30 years. It was the first church I ever remember attending and the church I served at the longest. I’d invested 15 years of my life in the youth of HYM. Leaving there was hard. Leaving broke my heart.

The second transition was more recent. I left my job of 12 years to transition to a new organization. This was a tough job decision to make yet I knew I had to make it. An opportunity presented itself and the opportunity was too great to pass up.

These transitions have both been scary and exciting at the same time. Exciting for the new possibilities. Of what is to come. Of the lives that will be changed.

Then the challenges begin to hit. The job transition challenges that make you wonder if the transition was worth it.

Assimilating into the culture:

Culture can make or break an organization. Learning to assimilate into the current culture of an organization can make or break your job transition.

There are nuances and hierarchies you have to navigate. Who’s in charge? What’s the line of command? Who’s really in charge? What role will you be playing?

Learning the culture is a challenge. You need to learn how to make a big impact while wading into the big lake.

You can do this though. You can make the job transition and assimilate into the culture.

To do this, you have to make the right connections and form the right relationships. This will be crucial to discovering what the culture is like and whether or not you can make yourself fit into it.

Learning your role:

Yes, when you were hired on for the job you were given a job description and what your job would entail. But you know things aren’t always black and white when it comes to what you will actually be doing.

You’re going to have to navigate what your role will actually be. You’re going to have to seek out your proper role in the organization.

It’ll be a challenge to discover this. You’re going to face resistance and you’re also going to give resistance in regards to your role.

Be ready for a struggle as you settle into what your actual job will be. In the end, it’ll work out.

Battling your inner critic:

I’m not sure there’s a more daunting challenging than battling your inner critic. Sure, the organization pursued you and wanted you to come aboard. But your mind will tell you otherwise.

You will hear yourself tell you “I’m not good enough” or “No one likes me here” or “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Your inner critic will lie to you. He will tell you these lies in the hopes you won’t push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

What you have to remember is that you made a job transition for a reason. You left for the challenge or because you needed to grow more.

Don’t let your inner critic keep you back. Tell him he’s a liar and you’ve got what it takes.

Question: What other challenges have you faced during a job transition? Share your story in the comment section below.

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