The Business Build: How To Go Further

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Businesses haven’t got it easy at the moment. Covid-19 has literally shut down dozens of businesses, and the threat of the slow easing of lockdown means there isn’t quite light at the end of the tunnel yet. Indeed, there seems to be a general consensus that there is going to be a global recession which will also of course impact businesses all over. You need to try and anticipate this as best you can and lead your business through the trouble. This might mean branching out into new areas while pulling back in others. All businesses are different, and all industries face separate problems. These are some tips that can help you, but the real research will be completed by you focusing on your industry.

Service Based? Use The Power Of The App

Apps are everywhere these days. If you own a smartphone, you’ll own apps. As most people own smartphones they’re a vital tool used by businesses all over. It can be a simple design but having your presence there makes a huge difference. For example, if you’re a restaurant, having an app that showcases your menu and allows customers to book seats is a great tool and used by many over the world. Once you’ve found the right digital publishing platform the skies the limit. Have a look at what your competitors are doing and follow suit. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either, shop around for developers and you’ll be surprised.

Reach Out To The Community

You need to get the brand and name out there and a great way to do this is by linking up with the community. People might be a lot pickier regarding who they’re going to give their money during a recession. Give them a reason. Do some charitable work. Help out where you can. If you’re a builder, maybe you can repair a wall. There are a lot of things you can do to help if you put your mind into gear. When you do help, make sure you advertise your business. People will choose you over a company who didn’t do this and word of mouth will spread too.

Branch Out Beyond The Norm

The more people who can see and know about your business means the more sales you’ll get. Simple. If you’ve always operated in one area or city, think about extending some advertising to surrounding towns and villages. Even to nearby cities. You can do this online too. Set up a website that can be accessed from anywhere. It’ll make a huge difference so long as people know it’s there. Do the same with social media. If you haven’t yet got a platform, take to Facebook and Twitter and create one. So many people search for local businesses on those platforms instead of Google these days. The more exposure you get, the more likely people here about you and your business. Just make sure you take your time with it, do it properly and don’t rush it. If your advertising looks tacky it’ll do you harm.

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