The Benefits Of Speaking Up

The Speak Up! Series

There you sit. Your head is down and you’re not offering your opinion. You’re quiet and waiting for the meeting to be over.

You have this nagging feeling you should speak up. You believe you have something to offer. Yet, you just can’t speak up. You stay silent and the meeting ends.

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Exiting the conference room, you have this sense of dread. You believe you should have spoken up but you couldn’t. You didn’t have the power to use your voice.

How many times does something like this have to happen before you and I realize we need to speak up? We need to share our voice with those we lead. If we don’t speak up, are we truly leading?

That’s something you and I have to think about as we stay silent. We may also need to chew on the benefits of speaking up. When we realize what happens when we speak up, we may be more inclined to share our opinions.

The Benefits Of Speaking Up

There are some amazing benefits that happen when you begin to speak up. Some of the benefits you will already know. Other benefits will be a surprise to you.

As you begin to focus on the benefits of speaking up, you’ll begin to realize you must share your thoughts with others. Only through this sharing will you be able to accomplish all you were put here to do.

1. People who speak up are able to contribute:

This seems like common sense yet we will often hold our tongue and still expect to contribute. But how can this be? How can you contribute when you are unwilling to share your thoughts and ideas with those around you?

You can’t. You have to be willing to add your suggestions to the conversation. By doing this, you are letting others know what you think should be done. This allows you a seat at the table and the opportunity to contribute.

2. People who speak up are more likely to be promoted:

Unfair, I know! While unfair, the reality is that those who speak up are more likely be promoted.

This is because people recognize those who speak up. They hear someone contributing on a regular basis. They see someone’s ideas being implemented. And they see someone who has the ability to take on more responsibility.

3. People who speak up get their ideas implemented:

If you want to see your ideas implemented, there’s no way around this. You have to speak up. Speaking up lets others know you have something to share. Sharing your ideas will start the ball rolling on getting the idea off the ground.

Speak up to get your ideas implemented.

4. People who speak up are able to voice their disapproval:

Do you see things going sideways and fail to speak up? Your silence is a form of approval. By failing to speak up, you are saying things are okay.

Those who speak up are able to have a dissenting voice. A dissenting voice is okay. It’s actually a really good thing.

Don’t sit silently when bad things are happening. Speak up and let your voice be heard.

5. People who speak up will build their confidence:

By speaking up, you’re showing you have value. When people begin to listen, they begin to show you that you have value.

How can they show you your value when you fail to speak up? Only by sharing your ideas will people be able to show you how much they value your contribution.

Build your confidence by speaking up.

6. People who speak up inspire other people:

Crazy, huh?!? Just by speaking up, you can inspire others.

Your words, especially words of affirmation, will help inspire those you lead. When you share your ideas confidently, securely, and with boldness, you inspire others to do the same.

Inspire others by speaking up.

Question: What other benefits are there to speaking up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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