The Beauty Of Silence

I’ve found myself bombarded by constant noise. From podcasts to audiobooks to music… My life constantly has background noise.

I don’t mind the noise. I love hearing the melodic music or learning in automobile university. However, I made a conscious decision when I returned from a meeting with Concept A. I chose to let the last podcast episode run its course and then I would drive in silence (or as much silence as could in a car).

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By letting the podcasts, audiobooks, and music fade away, I was able to find a focus I’d long since lost. The constant noise in my life would let me focus. The silence, it allowed me to focus even more.

The Beauty Of Silence

I’m not sure many people would consider silence beautiful. Yet it is. There’s something magical and alluring about silence when we allow it into our lives.

I’ll be the first to admit: Silence makes me uncomfortable.

Do you find silence uncomfortable as well? It’s okay. Most of us do. We love to have some kind of input to fill the voids. This is why people will try to fill the silence in conversations.  We don’t like silence.

But this is because we don’t realize the beauty of silence. Silence is a treat. Silence can be a welcome reprieve.

On my drive back to the office, I discovered that beauty. The silence allowed me to stop focusing on an outward voice. Instead, I was able to focus on the inner voice talking to me.

I was able to discover a couple of insights I’d overlooked. I was also able to process the information I’d just listened to.

This was wonderful. Dare I say this was beautiful? I believe this silence was a gift and it was beautiful.

Allow Silence Into Your Life

When you decide to allow silence into your life, you may find the silence uncomfortable. You will squirm in your seat or look for music to play.

Don’t do this. Don’t allow the silence to be stripped away from you. Rather, allow the silence into your life.

You can do this by:

  • Silencing your cell phone and radio while driving
  • Creating a sacred place in your home, like a prayer closet
  • Shutting off the laptop and closing your office door for 10 minutes
  • Going for a walk in the woods

By finding ways to bring silence into your life, you’re going to experience feelings and emotions you’ve never experienced before. You’ll open up your mind to thoughts and ideas that were blocked out by the constant barrage of noise the world gives us.

Give yourself the joy of silence. It’ll be awkward but it’ll be worth it. You’ll soon discover the beauty of silence.

Question: When’s the last time you intentionally sat in silence? What insights did you discover during this time? Let’s talk about these things in the comment section below.

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