The 18 Best Business Books To Read During Your Lunch Break

The average American reads four books a year. Successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates read 50. The fact is, reading is a fundamental part of your growth as an entrepreneur or workplace professional. Not only does decrease stress; it also keeps you mentally sharp and teaches you things you’d never learn otherwise.

The problem for many of us is that we are so absorbed in our routines that we seldom find the time to give reading that much attention. Unfortunately, if you’re already pressed for time, then your schedule probably won’t let up anytime soon.

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The good news is that you don’t have to make any significant changes. To fit reading into your schedule, all you really need to do is take advantage of the gaps in your day. For instance, your lunch break. Rather than socializing each time you have lunch, take three of those breaks a week and devote the time to reading.

A little hint: many of the books that successful entrepreneurs read aren’t that long, so you can knock them out in a few breaks (or less!).

So, what exactly should you be reading? There’s a lot out there, so Fundera compiled the best business books available for you:

18 Business Books You Can Finish On Your Lunch Break

The 18 Best Business Books To Read During Your Lunch Break

If any of the books interest you, you can find a link to the books below (the links are affiliate links and I will be paid a commission if you click on them). I hope you find one or two books you might enjoy.

My TOP picks would be Start With Why, Good To Great, The Accidental Creative, and Made To Stick.

Question: What books from this list would you recommend? Got another book recommendation, share it in the comments!

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