Tally Your Wins And Defeat Self-Doubt

Earlier this year, I started my leadership podcast. Doing so filled me with self-doubt.

Could I pull this off? Aren’t there enough leadership podcasts out there already?

Who wants to listen to me? I don’t know how to do this…

self-doubt can be overcome

All these thoughts flooded my mind. So much so that I had held off releasing my podcast for years even though I had purchased podcasting equipment years before.

My Blue Yeti microphone was purchased 2 years prior to the launch of the podcast. My webcam was purchased before that.

I had the goods. I didn’t have the confidence.

Tally Your Wins

But as I continued blogging, something began to change. I began to feel more confident. I felt like I could offer something new and different in the podcast world.

Why was this?

Because I began to tally my wins.

I would notice traffic to the website increasing. I saw more mentions of my site on Twitter. I began to be invited to leadership conferences.

All of these were wins. Each one told me my influence was growing and that people were listening.

Your wins may look different.

Your wins may be extra time off of work. You may put a notch in the win column when your team exceeds sales goals. Or you may consider it a win when your church sees exponential growth in attendance.

Whatever your wins are, you MUST tally them.

Why Winning Matters

You may hear that winning doesn’t matter.

I cringe when I hear that. Winning does matter, at least if it’s something you want to do.

Winning matters because it shows you that you’re moving in the right direction and things are happening. Winning also changes you.

By tallying your wins, you can see how far you’ve come.

From 5 visits a day to 1,000 visits a day. From no money in the bank to having your emergency net covered.

These wins, and others, matter.

They give you the motivation to continue moving forward.

Don’t neglect to rejoice and count your wins. They will help you defeat your own self-doubt.

Question: What’s one or two wins you’ve had recently? Share them with us so we can rejoice with you.
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