Take A Big Risk

Risks are scary things. You never know what the outcome of the risk will be.

Will you lose your life? Will you strike it rich? Will you be denied? Will you be noticed? Will you have an epic failure?

Those are probably the questions running through your mind as you take a risk, especially big risks. Risks require us to ask questions and gamble on the outcome.

You may not get the results you were looking for.

My Recent Risk

My friend, Kimanzi Constable, has been challenging a group of us to take our dreams to the next level. To reach out to organizations that may help us increase business and further our success.

My risk was reaching out to Chris Brogan at Owner Mag. Owner Mag was an online magazine that featured amazing articles.

I wanted to write for the magazine, so I sent out a quick email to Chris. It was shocking when I received an email back shortly after I sent it.

Much to my dismay, the email didn’t say what I wanted it to. My request to write for Owner Magazine wasn’t accepted.

Even with this rejection, I knew I couldn’t give up. So I did what any great writer does. I submitted another writing proposal. Only this time, I went even bigger.

I submitted an article suggestion to The Good Men Project. They get over 2 million views a week.

And you know what happened? I landed the guest post on The Good Men Project. I got to write for a world-class blog.

How’s that for taking a risk?

Your Big Risk

Now, I don’t want to focus on my risk. It’s just something I wanted to share with you to encourage you to take a big risk.

You have it in you. You can take a risk. You can slam dunk that risk and say you did it.

The risk you need to take may be different than the one I took. Yours might be something off the wall.

Don’t worry. That’s okay. Think of all the other off the wall risks people have taken.

Tony Hawk completed the first 900 in skateboarding.

Richard Branson created a record company that’s expanded to airplanes and spaceships.

Roger Bannister ran the first 4 minute mile.

Risks are out there. They’re taunting you. They’re telling you that you can’t do it.

That’s where the risk is wrong. You can do it. You’re better than the risk.

All you have to do is step out of your comfort zone, approach the risk, and tell it who’s boss.

Question: What’s the risk you need to take today? Let’s talk about risk in the comments section and see what we can do to get you over the fear!


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