Beware The Backson Monster

A Reel Leadership Article


Image by stopthegears via Flickr

The newest Winnie The Pooh movie was released a few months ago. In it, Winnie The Pooh arrives at Christopher Robin’s house to find a note. The note read “Gon Out Bizy Back Soon.”

Winnie The Pooh could not read the letter so he brought it to Owl. Owl, thinking he was very wise, read the letter.

He came to the conclusion that Christoper Robin had been abducted by the Backson Monster. The Backson Monster is supposed to be a mischievous and ruthless monster.

The 100 Acre Wood gang decided they would trap the Backson Monster and free Christopher Robin from his evil grasp. Throughout the movie, they face many trials and tribulations trying to set the trap for the Backson Monster.

In the end, they found out Christopher Robin had not been kidnapped by the Backson Monster. Christopher had left the note to let the gang know he was busy and would be back soon.