Tally Your Wins And Defeat Self-Doubt

Earlier this year, I started my leadership podcast. Doing so filled me with self-doubt.

Could I pull this off? Aren’t there enough leadership podcasts out there already?

Who wants to listen to me? I don’t know how to do this…

self-doubt can be overcome

All these thoughts flooded my mind. So much so that I had held off releasing my podcast for years even though I had purchased podcasting equipment years before.

My Blue Yeti microphone was purchased 2 years prior to the launch of the podcast. My webcam was purchased before that.

I had the goods. I didn’t have the confidence.

Tally Your Wins

But as I continued blogging, something began to change. I began to feel more confident. I felt like I could offer something new and different in the podcast world.

Why was this?

Because I began to tally my wins.