5 Leadership Books To Read In September 2023

I share some of the best leadership books I’ve read or heard about every month. More often than not, I’ve listened to multiple great audiobooks throughout the month. 

Thanks to Audible’s Plus program, I had a library of audiobooks at my disposal with my membership. I took full advantage of that.

Today, I’m bringing you the best of the bunch I listened to. I hope you’re ready to expand your library, as these books will change your leadership and life if you let them.

5 Leadership Books To Read In September 2023

1. The Art Of Leadership: Small Things, Done Well by Michael Lopp

Michael Lopp has been around the block of large organizations. Lopp has been involved with Netscape (remember that internet browser?!?), Apple, and Slack. He’s led large and small teams. And now he’s sharing his knowledge with us.