6 Reasons Empathy Is Powerful In Leadership

Being in an organization where the leader is unable to understand or share the feelings of an employee is destructive to the employee. And to the organization.

When a leader is able to understand or share in the feelings of another, that leader is said to be an empathetic leader. These leaders assess situations not only by the end results but by how their people are feeling. They know if they can adjust or tweak operations, they can change feelings and get a better outcome.

Think about a time when you were in a position and the leader failed to understand or care for your emotions. How did their actions make you feel?

Probably pretty crummy.

Now, what about a time when a leader could relate to or understand your feelings? What did you feel then?

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Captain Marvel

A Reel Leadership Article

The last Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to release before this year’s highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame, released this past Friday. Captain Marvel took to the screen and wowed most audiences.

Starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Vers/Captain Marvel as she struggles to remember exactly who she is. We see Captain Marvel’s struggles, disappointments, and triumphs in the latest Marvel film.

Still of Bie Larson as Captain Marvel movie

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

For many, this was a movie of triumph. Captain Marvel is the first female-led movie in the Marvel movie universe.

Not only was Captain Marvel a step forward for women in the comic book to movie world. Captain Marvel is also a great movie for leaders. There are many Reel Leadership lessons and quotes in Captain Marvel leaders will be able to apply to their work life.

The Power Of Vulnerability

No one likes to be seen as weak. Or even vulnerable.

We try to hide any sign that we might not be where we need to be.

Yet we’re consistently discovering the best way to lead is through our vulnerability.

Being vulnerable is powerful

What Is Vulnerability?

A lot of us don’t want to show any vulnerabilities. We want people to see us as strong.

So, we hide. We retreat to a safe place where no one can hurt us.

That, in itself, tells us what vulnerability is.

Vulnerability is being willing to lay yourself out there, bare and naked, so others can see who you truly are.

Your weakness is out there. Pain that you’ve felt is shared. People are able to look at you and see you. The REAL you.

This is what vulnerability is.