Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Ghostbusters

A Reel Leadership Article

For years, more than 25, there have been rumors of a new Ghostbusters movie. Well, the new Ghostbusters is here.

And I was, and am, excited about the new movie.

I have fond memories of the original Ghostbusters. The cast was stellar.

We had Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson as the team battling ghosts. And, we can’t forget, making us laugh.

We don’t see the original team reform in what I like to call Ghostbusters 2016. Instead, we see a whole new team.

The new Ghostbusters is not a sequel. It’s a reboot with an all-female ghostbusting team. One that surprised me more than disappointed.

So, I want to share, as usual, the leadership lessons and quotes I found in the new Ghostbusters movie. Are you ready?

CAUTION: Ghostbuster spoilers below

15 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Warcraft The Movie

A Reel Leadership Article

Warcraft is the latest video game to movie adaptation. The basis for the movie? Orcs invade the world of humans and chaos breaks out.

Having been a big gamer, I was excited to see the Warcraft movie. This adaptation brought feelings of nostalgia for my video game days.

With that, I know there are people who may be confused in seeing Warcraft. This movie is based on the original 1994 Warcraft video game, not the more recent World Of Warcraft MMORPG.

Going in with that expectation, Warcraft exceeded what I thought the movie was going to be.

So, let’s get to the leadership lessons from Warcraft.

WARNING: Warcraft spoilers ahead

1. Use what other leaders have left behind: As Warcraft begins, we see a warrior pick up the shield of a fallen soldier. He found something useful the other man had left behind and he began to use it.

14 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Adam Sandler’s Pixels

A Reel Leadership Article

Pam and I like to take in a good comedy every once in awhile. We also like to be reminded of the great things of our childhood.

That’s why we were excited to see the newest Adam Sandler movie Pixels.

Pixels movie teaches us leadership lessons

Having watched the previews, Pixels looked hilarious.

Going into Pixels, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be classic, humorous Adam Sandler a la Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, or Anger Management? Or would it be stupid humor such as Little Nicky or Grown Ups?

What it turned out to be was something in-between.

It also proved to provide insights into leadership, if you looked deep enough.

Caution: Pixels Spoilers Ahead

Leadership Lessons From Pixels

1. Noticing patterns will help you succeed – Adam Sandler’s character in Pixels, Sam Brenner, was on his way to superstardom, at least in the competitive world of video games.