Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Creator

A Reel Leadership Article

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The Creator is a film about artificial intelligence (AI) and its effect on humanity. In this film, humans rage against the AI robots that have been created. They believe they’re a threat to humanity…

After the AI dropped a nuclear bomb on Los Angeles.

The war rages as humanity seeks a way to track down and find the architect behind the artificial intelligence, Nirmata. We see characters progress, change, and evolve as their mission and vision are challenged.

The Creator - Two people standing in front of a futuristic background. One person is an AI robot

The Creator couldn’t have come out at a better time as the heated battle of whether or not AI is a good thing for humanity rages on. Tools such as ChatGPT, MagAI, and others have changed the landscape of writing and art creation. 

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Netflix’s Bright

A Reel Leadership Article

In the 2018 Netflix original movie Bright, a human cop is forced to partner with an Orc. The cop is Daryl Ward (Will Smith) and the Orc is Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton).

Tension is high between the various races of Orcs, Elves, and Humans. Being paired up with an Orc meant Daryl Ward was in for a world of trouble.

leadership from Netflix's Bright with Will Smith

Bright begins with Daryl being shot during an armed robbery. His partner, Nick, was busy buying a street burrito for Daryl. After a brief hospital stay, Daryl is back in the squad car with Nick riding shotgun.

While the language was very strong (multiple F-Bombs were dropped), the story was intriguing. The buddy cop twist was different. And, of course, there are plenty of leadership lessons in Netflix’s Bright. Let’s take a look at those leadership lessons below.

Caution: Spoilers for Netflix’s Bright below.