Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Beekeeper

A Reel Leadership Article

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Pamela and I were invited to a special sneak preview of the upcoming movie The Beekeeper in IMAX format. In The Beekeeper, Jason Statham plays Adam Clay. Clay is a former Beekeeper, a powerful and top-secret organization that takes care of problems no one else can. He comes out of retirement after the only person who ever took care of him, Eloise Parker (Phylicia Rashad), committed suicide after being scammed by phishers.

A bald man with a stubble beard looking to the left. Bees are swarming around him. Yellow background. Scene from The Beekeeper movie.

This sets Clay on a deadly path. He tears through people in his way until he gets to the top of the food chain of the phishing scheme. 

The Beekeeper goes full throttle on the action, just like you’d expect from a Jason Statham movie. You’ll feel the whiplash as cars explode, bodies fall, and Clay seeks to right a wrong that shouldn’t have happened.