Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Hellboy: Sword Of Storms

A Reel Leadership Article

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Hellboy has been a quirky comic book character created by Mike Mignola since first appearing in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2. Recently, it was discovered that Hellboy also appeared before this issue in Next Men #21 in 1993. He’s been a character that’s been around for a long time!

He’s also appeared in multiple movies. He first appeared in a live-action film in the 2004 Hellboy movie starring Ron Perlman. His second film was Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Most recently, David Harbour took over as Hellboy in the 2019 Hellboy film.

Many casual moviegoers don’t realize there’s also been an animated movie universe for Hellboy that occurred between the two Perlman films. There’s the 2007 Hellboy: Blood and Iron. Then there’s the focus of today’s Reel Leadership article, the 2006 Hellboy: Sword Of Storms.