5 Tricks To Create A Consistent Writing Habit

It’s my belief that every leader should be writing. Whether it’s writing a blog like this one or writing a book, a leader who writes down his thoughts is able to touch more lives.

But a complaint that I often hear is that there’s no time to write. There’s no way I would be able to squeeze any more into my day.

While I don’t doubt your days are packed, I know you can still find time to create a consistent writing habit.

Create a consistent writing habit

Before you call me out and say that I have more time than you, let me share what my average day looks like:

6:30AM – Wake up, get ready for the office

7:30AM – Leave for the office

8:00AM – Arrive at the office and begin my day

5:00PM – Leave the office and head home

Stop Shutting Out Those You Disagree With

Go back to yesterday, you probably dealt with someone you disagreed with. Or maybe tomorrow at Christmas dinner, you’re going to be confronted with a family member who shares his dissenting viewpoints.

Let’s face it. Every day we encounter people we don’t agree with.

Our gut reaction is to shut out people who disagree with us. We don’t want to hear their opposing views.

But we’re losing out when we shut out those who we disagree with. We’re missing an opportunity to engage and learn about someone else.

That’s why I want to talk about why we need to stop shutting out those you disagree with.

Don't let disagreements destroy relationships

Image by Daniel Reid

No one out there can honestly say they don’t have a viewpoint someone else may find offensive or disagreeable. Every person thinks in a unique way that may rub another person wrong.

The Power Of Having Self Control

God! I just want to kill that person!

Whoa, those are strong words but ones I’ve thought myself. Sometimes more frequently than I’d like to admit.

Ever been there? Ever wanted to hurt someone? Or maybe it was to extract a painful revenge for a wrong inflicted upon you?

The incredible hulk lacks self control

Image via Tony Fischer

Yet you held off. You didn’t act on your impulse. That’s good.

The restraint you showed is part of having self control. And there’s power behind self control.

Could you imagine if you or those around you didn’t have self control? What could happen?

I bet we’d see

More murder

More robberies

More vulgarity

More road rage

More fights

More ugliness

Self Control Is Awesome

Above, you seen the affects of those that lack self control. People who lack self control can do pretty violent things.

How To Encourage Creative Thinking Within Your Organization

Great organizations encourage and promote a culture of creativity. They want their team dreaming up the next iPad or ways of capturing the imagination of their audience.

And yet the question remains: How do you encourage your team to think creatively?

Creative light camera

Image by Cameron Russell

That question is one most companies have trouble answering.

They become worried that it will cut into productivity. Encourage goofing off. Or create havoc.

In reality, that’s not what happens. What really happens is a blockbuster team is formed.

Let’s take Google as an example.

They’re knocking it out of the park with the innovation coming out of the company. You’ve got

That’s not the whole list but you get the idea. Ideas are birthed and brought to life by the creative minds at Google. Creativity is encouraged. It’s part of their culture.

The creativity of children

Have you ever noticed how creative children can be? Give them a set of characters and a setting. Their imagination runs wild.

You may get an epic space battle, wild animals in the city, or a cops and robbers story.

New Star Wars characters

Star Wars characters created by a child

The above drawing was created by one of my friend’s children. He loves Star Wars and knows that I do as well. So as a birthday present, he created three new characters.

It blew me away. He is only eight but has such an imagination.

This makes me wonder whatever happened to the creativity I had as a child.

I know I had a much more active imagination when I was younger. There were days of GI Joe battles, sticks becoming guns, or my backyard becoming a place of adventure.

Have you wandered far from those days? Has your creativity waned?