10 Online Thought Leaders You Should Know

The internet is a crowded place. With so many people creating blogs, it’s easy for great people to get lost in the mix.

That’s why I’m bringing you a list of 10 online thought leaders you should know.

People you should know

These guys and gals may not be Michael Hyatt or Dan Miller or Chris Brogan, but they’re people you should know.

They’re making a difference. They’re changing the world. And they’re doing it from behind a computer screen or microphone.

1. Matt McWilliams: Matt’s a world-changer. He’s recording multiple episodes of a podcast every week helping others to become world changers as well.

If you haven’t heard of Mike before, you have now and you will in the future.

2. Jonathan Milligan: Jonathan is helping people live a life full of passion doing the things they love. He’s also the mastermind behind Blogging Your Passion University where Jonathan and Bob Lotich (look at #3 to learn who he is) help others in their blogging journey..