5 Leadership Books To Read In November 2023

Reading is a great way to glean information from those who have gone before us, are doing things now, or are theorizing about what could be. We are able to take in their experiences without experiencing what they had to go through.

Books are a great source of knowledge. We only have to be willing to crack open that book or press play on the audiobook app of our choice.

Wooden bookshelf loaded with books

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As always, I want to give you some of the best books on leadership, personal development, and self-improvement. In this article, you will find 5 books that will take you to the next level.

5 Leadership Books To Read In November 2023

1. The Heart Of Innovation: A Field Guide For Navigating Authentic Demand by Matt Chanoff, Merrick Furst, Daniel Sabbah, and Mark Wegman:

Do you know the challenges you’ll face as an innovator? Are you wanting to change your industry but don’t know how? Chanoff, Furst, Sabbah, and Wegman take a deep dive into the heart of innovation, what works, and what not to do.