5 Leadership Books To Read In February 2024

A great leader never stops learning. There’s multiple ways you can do this. Whether it’s additional college courses, online courses, attending seminars, Google-Fu, or some other way, the easiest way to continue to grow is by reading.

Reading can happen by cracking open a physical book (my wife loves the smell of a good book), downloading it on your eBook reader, or an audiobook. Regardless of which method you choose, reading opens you up to the insights of others. You can dive into what they’ve experienced and apply it to your organization.

This month, we’re bringing you 5 great leadership books to read.

5 Leadership Books To Read In February 2024

1. The Growth Leader: Strategies to Drive the Top and Bottom Lines by Scott K. Edinger:

Scott K. Edinger is a business growth consultant who helps leaders understand the pathway to growth. In The Growth Leader, Edinger lays out his thesis that growth is not a sales issue but a leadership issue.