The Power In Becoming A Disciplined Leader

The Disciplined Leader Series

To some, the word discipline is a dirty word. It’s a word they hate to hear and hate to use.

After all, discipline doesn’t sound sexy. The word connotes a dying to self. A falling in line. A giving up of oneself.

There is power in being disciplined

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And it does. But that’s not bad.

Discipline is a needed trait as a leader. Getting to become a disciplined leader is a good thing.

The Power In Becoming A Disciplined Leader

There is much benefit that can come from becoming a disciplined leader. While you may not be able to see the benefits at first, you will be able to see them after becoming disciplined (or after reading this, haha).

By strengthening your self-control, establishing your mind, and becoming disciplined, you will:

The Habits Of A Disciplined Leader

The Disciplined Leader Series

Becoming a disciplined leader takes hard work. You have to discipline (duh!) yourself and break yourself of the bad habits you’ve created.

You’re going to have to create new habits. The habits of a disciplined leader.

Learn the habits of disciplined people

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Are you ready?

The Habits Of A Disciplined Leader

1. They practice self-care

The first habit of a disciplined leader is the habit of self-care. This isn’t a call to be selfish. This is a call to make sure you and your body are in optimal condition.

Disciplined leaders know they have to do a couple of things to make sure they’re the best that they can be. To practice the habit of self-care, a leader must:

Regularly exercise
Renew his mind
Eat healthily

Basically, self-care means you take care of your body and mind. You don’t do drugs, drink alcohol in excess, or over-indulge. You also make sure you’re inputting good things into your body and mind.

Becoming A Disciplined Leader

The Disciplined Leader Series

As a leader, you have a certain set of standard for those you lead. Those standards basically revolve around your followers being disciplined.

My question to you: Are you a disciplined leader?

To be an effective leader, you have to be disciplined

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For some, this question may sting. When you begin to think about whether or not you’re disciplined as a leader, you realize this is an area you struggle in.

You lack the discipline to show up on time. You may lack the discipline to control company spending. Or you may lack the discipline to hold your tongue when you’re facing opposition.

As much as you might desire for your team to be disciplined, you must be disciplined as well. You have to have the self-control you desire to see in those you lead.

What do you think about when you think of someone who’s disciplined? I think of someone in the United States Army.