5 Leadership Books To Read In July 2023

Reading is a great way to increase your knowledge through the experiences of others. It’s why every month I bring you a list of great leadership and personal development books to help you grow and become the leader you desire.

This month is no different. 

Are you ready for July? It’s typically a month of vacations and traveling for many. If that’s you, don’t neglect your personal development. This month’s list of books is great.

5 Leadership Books To Read In July 2023

1. Lead Like It Matters to God: Values-Driven Leadership in a Success-Driven World by Richard Stearns:

Richard Stearns was the CEO of World Vision, an organization near and dear to my heart as they bring clean water to those who lack it. In his book, Lead Like It Matters To God, Stearns recounts his journey from President of Parker Brothers and Lennox (you remember the crystal company, right?) to joining the non-profit World Vision upon God’s calling.