Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Appleseed

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Appleseed is a classic anime from 1988. Set in a futuristic city, police officer Dunan (Larissa Murray) and her cyborg partner Bularios (Bill Roberts) fight terrorism.

It’s a grim picture of the future that hasn’t come to be. There’s tension between cyborgs, humans, and terrorists. 

It’s a mess. But it’s a good mess of a movie.

As always, there’s leadership to be found in these movies. Especially a classic such as Appleseed, which has spawned many sequels since its release over 30 years ago. Let’s dive into those leadership lessons.

Bularios and Dunan from the movie Appleseed. Bularios is a robot, Dunan is a blonde female.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Appleseed

1. Don’t make permanent choices for temporary problems:

Fleia (Anne Marie Zola) was the wife of police officer Karon (Alan Marriott). The movie opens with her freeing a caged bird. She held the bird in her hand before releasing the bird out of her window.