5 Tips For Leading Through Change And Uncertainty

Every leader knows that there will be change and uncertainty in their organization. It could be an organizational restructuring, moving, or a global pandemic. You never know what you’re going to face when you lead.

Yet, you can lead through the most challenging situations and change. 

You won’t know everything you will have to do or the decisions you’ll have to make. Sometimes, you’ll make the wrong decision or something won’t go right.

That’s okay. You can still lead.

And here’s how you can lead through change and uncertainty with confidence.

5 Tips For Leading Through Change And Uncertainty

Leading through change and uncertainty isn’t easy. It will test you because you won’t know the following five steps. You may only know the next one or two. You will have to step out in faith. Here’s how you do that.

Impact The Development Of Your Team

Grow Your Team

The longer someone is on your team, the more they should grow. Reality has shown us this often isn’t the case.

Someone takes the position, and then they stop growing. Whether that’s because they feel they’ve made it or they don’t know where else to go, things need to change.

And there’s good news. You can help your team develop. You can impact their development.

You have the opportunity to help your team grow

Impact Your Team’s Development

Your team members spend a majority of their waking hours at the office. From 8-5 (or maybe longer), they’re in an environment you have authority over. They’re there and they’re working for you.

When they leave the office, they may find it difficult to find the desire to seek out personal or professional development. All they want to do when they exit the doors is to go home and see their families. Learning and growing can seem like another task from the office they’re bringing home.