Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Sharknado

A Reel Leadership Article

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Moviegoers have been treated to natural disaster movies. These include films such as Twister, The Day After Tomorrow, and others. Natural disaster movies tap into something that terrifies us while thrilling us.

We’ve also been treated to monster animal movies. Jurassic Park, The Meg, The Grey, and others have brought the horror of animals attacking us to the big screen.


Something happened in 2013. SyFy, a science-fiction focused television channel, merged the two genres. They gave us something that combined animals attacking and natural disasters. That film was Sharknado.

Man with a chainsaw jumping into the open mouth of a shark from Sharknado

Sharknado became an instant cult classic. The cheesy sci-fi film spawned another five sequels. People flocked to the horrible storytelling, lapses in continuity, and more. The movies were so bad they were good.