The Problem With Masking The Pain

This past week I’ve been visiting my dad in hospital. He was admitted to the hospital on Friday for chest and back pains.

They thought he may be having a heart attack or another issue with the heart. The was good reason for this assumption. He is almost 85 years old.

Image by Ben Fredericson

Tests were run. The results were examined. And they decided it wasn’t his heart that was the issue.

Yet my dad’s pain remained. He still had symptoms that something was wrong.

Chest pains. Back pains. Stomach pains.

The doctors weren’t sure what it could be. Ultrasounds and more were ordered.

They guessed his gastrointestinal tract may have been inflamed. More tests were run and they came back negative.

By Monday my family was getting frustrated. The pain had let up some but it was still there and we had no answers.