5 Things To Do When You’re In A Funk

How To Get Out Of A Funk And Back To Yourself

Is there anything worse than being in a funk? Being down and out is no fun. Not only does being in a funk impact the way you feel, being in a funk impacts those around you as well.

When you don’t feel good, it is easier for you to bring down those around you. Your attitude worsens, the way you talk to others changes, and you become doom and gloom.

Get out of a funk by doing these things

Image by Evan Rummel

Being in a funk is okay. We all get down at times. In fact, I’ve been down lately.

I can tell when I’m in a funk, I

Don’t want to write

Treat people kindly

Read or improve myself

Don’t want to do much of anything

You can see how those actions are bad for you and those around you. They don’t add any value and they even detract value at times.

Stop Being A Stress Victim

We are victim to stress at many points in our life

Whether it’s school, during work or in our personal lives, it’ll shows it’s face uninvited.

I remember a point in my career when I felt deathly stressed.

That morning two years ago I woke up like any other day. The day was new, the air was fresh and I was ready to take on the day.

Work welcomed me gratefully until I received the 2PM phone call. “Nate, I ordered the wrong material.” In my head I was freaking out because I knew what order he was talking about. “I need you to cancel the order and correct this.”

At this point I wanted to curl up and hide. The order was a few sets of commercial airline brakes worth $500,000. We had already spent $150,000 into the work we needed to accomplish this project.