7 Unstoppable Communication Techniques

Everyone communicates. Not everyone communicates effectively. 

They use poor prose, ineffective examples, or they drone on and on. Little do they realize what they’re doing to the people they lead, communicate with, and live with. 

They’re not really communicating. They’re giving information. And they’re leaving people feeling empty and unheard.

You can change this for yourself and those you lead. You can develop effective communication skills that will skyrocket your effectiveness and help you communicate clearly.

7 Unstoppable Communication Techniques

To improve your communication skills, look at these unstoppable communication techniques. Each technique will help you become the communicator you’ve always desired to be, but maybe struggled to live out. By applying these techniques, you’ll find people understand what you’re trying to say, listen to you, and help you reach your goals.

6 Ways Leaders Leave An Impression On Their Followers

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Every interaction a leader has with their followers leaves an impression. This may be good or bad. Great leaders leave more positive impressions than negative impressions.

We should be striving to lead greatly.

Image by Kevlyn Skee

Image by Kelvyn Skee

So, in what ways can leaders leave an impression on their followers?

There’s many ways great leaders can leave an impression on their followers. Different followers will respond differently and you may not see the results right away, if at all. It’s wise to evaluate your followers and see how they respond to certain stimuli.

As you’re implementing these strategies to impact your followers keep in mind they may not respond how you want them to. That’s okay. Take the feedback given and change the way you’re influencing them.