Top Posts And Commenters For May 2012

We’re one step closer to being half way through the year. Just one more month and half of the year will be completed.

Here in Michigan that means warmer weather and lots of sun. I hope it brings the same where ever you are!

May Wordle Bubble

The Top 10 Posts Were:

  1. What Can 20 Seconds Of Insane Courage Do For You?
  2. Book Review – Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World By Michael Hyatt
  3. 5 Characteristics Of Real Discipleship
  4. Leadership Insights: Interview With Skip Prichard
  5. The 20 Mile March
  6. Sometimes The Grass Really Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence
  7. Book Review: As One Devil To Another By Richard Platt
  8. Answers To 2 Questions That Should Be In Your Networking Arsenal
  9. Back To School With LIFT Leadership Training Part 1