It’s Time To Start Using Adult Language

I’m going to shock you a bit today. Why? Because I’m going to tell you it’s time to begin using adult language in your conversations.

yellow rotary phone

That’s right. We need to step up our game and begin using adult language. It’s the way you’re going to move ahead in the world.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about profanity laced tirades, four-letter words, or depreciating language.

I’m talking about real adult language.

Encouraging Phrases

You can begin using adult language by speaking encouraging phrases. Tell others the great job they’re doing. Shower them with praise.

Here’s a few ways you can speak like an adult by encouraging others.

  • I trust you
  • You’re awesome
  • You did a great job
  • Thanks for your help

Hopeful Words

Next, begin implementing hopeful words. These words will raise others up and fill them with hope.