How To Deal With 5 Types Of Toxic Employees – Infographic

Employees are your biggest customer. They may not be the ones purchasing your products, but they are the ones selling your company and they’re also the faces your paying customers see.

They can also be your biggest headache…

When you have a bad employee, a toxic one at that, things can go downhill real fast. That’s why I’m excited to share with you this infographic that shows you the 5 toxic employees you may face and how to deal with them.

How to deal with toxic employees

Infographic courtesy of Reuben Yonatan

Who Are The Toxic Employees?

1. The Hot Mess – You know this guy. He’s the one who’s disorganized and resistant to change. You also find him to be unwilling or unable to do his job.

It’s like his name suggests, he’s a hot mess. Ready to slow progress and goof off.