Effective Communication: The Key To Building Strong Relationships

I can’t hammer it home enough how important communication is in leadership and, more importantly, your life overall. While John Maxwell says everything rises and falls on leadership, I have to diverge from this great leadership thinker.

Leadership is important, but I believe communication is even more important.

Without communication, you can’t rise to the level of a great leader. People won’t follow or understand you if you can’t effectively communicate your

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Desires
  • Thoughts
  • Agendas
  • Etc…

Communication is the key to getting things done in leadership. It holds that communication will get you to the next level. Especially in building relationships.

Many relationships, in business and personal, have fallen because a person couldn’t communicate. They failed to share their needs, desires, and wants. They couldn’t spit out the words to let the other person know.

Emotional Intelligence: The Key To Effective Leadership

When employees leave an organization, it’s typically not the organization they leave. It’s terrible managers or leaders. They’ve become fed up with how they’re treated and their leadership’s lack of emotional intelligence.

It’s why I left one of my jobs.

Emotional Intelligence: The Key To Effective Leadership

My manager became disengaged from his employees. He lacked an emotional awareness of what was happening in the lives of his employees and how those situations impacted the lives of his employees. He also failed to show up with emotional intelligence, trying to scare employees into staying with the organization.

Eventually, he was left with a gutted team, and the employees were left with negative memories of their interaction with him.

His lack of emotional intelligence killed his team. But it doesn’t have to kill yours.

Mental Health America defines Emotional Intelligence as the following:

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Upgrade

A Reel Leadership Article

Set in the near-future, Upgrade is a world of upgrades. Cars are self-driving and self-sustaining. Humans are implanted with technological upgrades. And computers run the home (okay, this one isn’t too far off with the proliferation of automation in the home).

Discover leadership lessons in Upgrade movie

Upgrade tells the sad tale of Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green). Early in Upgrade, Grey loses his wife Asha (Melanie Vallejo) after an accident caused by their self-driving car. Grey soon discovers this was no accident and he was played the whole time.

The loss of the love of his life causes the technophobe to accept an implant. The implant would help Grey regain movement and discover who killed his wife. Eventually, leading to an outcome that was unexpected.

Upgrade was a fun romp in a sci-fi setting. Lots of action and intrigue. There’s also plenty of leadership lessons in Upgrade. Let’s check leadership lessons out below.