How To Make Friends Beyond The Playground

When we were younger, making friends was easy. The recess bell would ring, and we would all run out to the playground. There, we’d break into cliques and find our tribes.

Once we’ve outgrown the playground, making friends becomes more difficult. We begin to focus on our jobs, our romantic relationships, and more. The idea of friendships goes out the window.

Until we realize that we need platonic friendships.

Barna Research conducted multiple studies on adult friendships. The statistics are sad.

Many adults have two to five close friends. With those friendships, 20% still feel lonely on a regular basis. Most adults rarely have meaningful relationships with their neighbors other than a simple greeting. Gone are the backyard barbeques, weekly get together, or bowling nights.

What may shock you even more is that most of our friendships are with people like us. We don’t stray from what we know even though we think we do.