We Have To Help

I recently came across the story of Eric Kilburn Jr. He’s a great young man, by all accounts. Yet, he was in need.

His mother, Rebecca Kilburn, saw that Eric was struggling. Her 14-year-old son needed shoes. Not just any shoes but big shoes. Eric is 6’10” with size 23 feet.

He’s a monster of a young man.

Rebecca sent a call out to local and national media after she couldn’t find shoes that fit Eric. Eric had been wearing shoes that were a size too small. He couldn’t find cleats to play sports. It was frustrating to him and his family.

The media picked up on Eric’s plight. They began running news stories in various news outlets. Today, AOL, MLive, and other news outlets knew this would be a story that had to be told.

My Take on the Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Running Shoe

As I was preparing to improve my level of fitness, I heard a lot of talk about barefoot running shoes. Most of the talk revolved around the Vibram FiveFingers.

I was hesitant to purchase the FiveFingers as I was not fond of their appearance.

Then I heard talk about a new shoe. These shoes were made by Merrell and called the Trail Glove.

Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Running Shoe

The Merrell shoes looked like real shoes. There are no toe slots to slip my toes in. And I felt comfortable wearing them in public.

I have not been disappointed in my choice.

The Trail Gloves were designed with trail runners in mind but still work well on concrete.

Here is what I enjoy about the shoe: