What Is Effective Leadership?

Every leader wants to be effective in their leadership. Not every leader is effective. One of the reasons behind that is not knowing what effective leadership looks like.

What is Effective Leadership?

What is effective leadership? Effective leadership is the ability of an individual or group to guide, inspire, and influence others toward the achievement of a common goal. They also nurture the professional and personal growth of the people they lead. 

Effective leadership involves excellent communication skills, thinking strategically, being able to adapt, and making informed decisions.

All of those things are things you can work on personally. That’s the thing to keep in mind while you read this article and become an effective leader. You can do it!

5 Ways To Set And Achieve Goals

Goals are a desired outcome in the future one might want. This could be getting married, a desired salary, or leading the company to the Fortune 100.

We make things happen when we have goals. They communicate to us where were want to go. The goals we have shouldn’t be vague. Goals need to be concrete (though changeable) and specific.

You don’t want to set a goal of “lose weight.” You can’t track it and you don’t know when you reach the desired outcome. 

In this article, we will look at 5 ways to set and achieve goals. These suggestions will help you actually achieve what you desire.

5 Ways To Set And Achieve Goals

Setting and achieving goals doesn’t have to be complicated. You only have to be intentional when setting them. But how do you set goals?

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk And Building Self-Confidence

The way we talk about ourselves matters. The average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. These are the things our mind is telling us. These are the words we speak to ourselves. Do you know how many of those thoughts are negative?

According to a Psychology Today article, how we talk and think is not positive. They are overwhelmingly negative. The average person’s thought life is 80% negative. How many thoughts is that? If you only have 12,000 thoughts, you would think 9,600 negative things daily. If you’re on the high end, 48,000 negative thoughts would have passed through your mind.

Over and over again, we repeat these negative thoughts about ourselves. We believe we’re not doing good work, leaving a positive legacy, or are of value.

We tell ourselves this 12,000-48,000 times a day.