The Key To Creating More Servant Leaders

Servant Leadership Is The Way Of The Future

How to create more servant leaders should be on the minds of every leader. By creating more servant leaders, you help produce leaders who are leading because they have a desire to help and influence others. That’s a goal worth striving for!

You can help create a generation of servant leaders

Image by Dillon Klassen

However, how does one create more servant leaders? The workplace is filled with people who want to look out for number one, numero uno, their own bacon. It can be hard to find up-and-coming leaders who truly want to serve others. But you can find and help create the next generation of servant leaders.

What Is Servant Leadership?

Servant leadership is a model of leadership lived out by many leaders throughout history. Lao-Tzu, in Tao Te Ching, describes servant leadership. Jesus Christ lived the life of a servant leader. Mother Theresa gave her life serving others and found herself hailed as a leader.

Choose To Serve

The ethos behind leadership has changed drastically in the last 10-15 years. We’ve seen leadership become more self-centered and me-driven.

Leadership has slowly drifted away from helping others to helping the leader.

This trend has been disastrous for organizations. We’re seeing the fallout from this self-centered leadership every day.

Be a servant leader

What Went Wrong With Leadership

Growing up, my dad was loyal to the company he worked for. He was willing to put his blood, sweat, and tears into the business.

Why? Because they had his back. He also had theirs.

There’s was a sense of trust between the worker and the employer. Now, this trust has dissipated. Maybe, it’s gone altogether.

Employees now live in constant fear of their jobs. They watch owners buy newer, more expensive vehicles. All the while, they’re fed the line that the organization no longer has money for raises, bonuses, or any other perks employees used to receive.