The Number ONE Thing That Will Build Confidence

Imagine walking into an organization and you know nothing about the skills you need, methods that work, or you lack the talent needed to thrive. You’d be freaking out.

You may wonder how you could accomplish all that needs to be done. You may ponder why someone would put you into the situation you’re sitting in. 

More than anything, you’d lack the confidence to get the job done.

So, my question to you is:

What could build your confidence to tackle situations such as this?

The Number ONE Thing That Will Build Confidence

What if I told you there’s one thing that will build or give you confidence? Something you can work on yourself? Something so simple it can be mind-bending?

There is one thing you can do to build confidence, even in challenging situations where you’re tossed into it with little to no knowledge of the business.

5 Leadership Books To Read In June 2024

Books are a great resource for learning and developing leadership skills. That’s one reason I create recommended leadership book lists. 

These lists are here to introduce you to new ideas, authors, and books to help you become a better leader.

It’s hard to argue that a good book can be as helpful as attending a seminar, chatting with another leader, or listening to audio content. The books on this month’s list will be an encouragement to you and help you grow professionally and personally.

Woman reading a book. The book is open with text on the pages.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

5 Leadership Books To Read In June 2024

1. Getting Out of Saigon: How a 27-Year-Old Banker Saved 113 Vietnamese Civilians by Ralph White:

I picked up Getting Out of Saigon because it was a discounted book through Audible. The story of Ralph White and his actions in Vietnam as the North Vietnamese took over Saigon was riveting.

5 Ways Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

By now, your New Year’s Resolutions are probably fading fast from memory. You set incredible, challenging goals, but now you’re well past many imaginary goal dates. You feel like a failure.

But you’re not. You’re human. Just like the rest of us out there.

What if I told you that you can get back on track, stay on track, and achieve your goals? I believe you can.

It takes the power of visualization for your goals. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Man standing on a rock outcropping. Trees surrounding him.

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What Is Visualization?

Visualization isn’t difficult. We do it every day; we just don’t realize it.

Think about the time your mind wandered off. You got lost in a daydream. You visualized a reality that wasn’t there.

Now, apply that to your goals. At its core, visualization is a clear mental image of a future event or reality. 

3 Ways To Enhance Problem-Solving Skills In Leadership

Every day, you will encounter problems. Some little, some big. All needing an answer. 

So, how do you problem-solve? How do you handle the situations and issues that arise every day?

The greatest mistake we make is teaching our children to memorize things without even understanding,
Instead of teaching them problem solving and critical thinking.”
― Mouloud Benzadi

Some people handle it poorly. They make bad decisions, get angry, frustrated, lash out at others. That’s not how a great leader problem solves. 

They do the following 3 actions to get through the problems of the day.

3 Ways To Enhance Problem-Solving Skills In Leadership

Ask for feedback:

Everyone can improve upon their problem-solving skills. This can be a struggle if you don’t know what you’re looking to improve.

5 Ways To Enhance Public Speaking Skills For Effective Leadership

Years ago, I was terrified of public speaking. My public speaking skills were null or, if possible, below zero. Whenever I’d speak to a crowd, I’d fumble over my words, forget what I was trying to say, or just give up. I’d stand behind the podium with sweaty hands and armpits. Public speaking wasn’t for me.

Until it was.

How you present yourself in a public speaking situation can determine whether or not people want to do business with you. Your eloquence, or lack of it, may tell others that you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not prepared, or that you don’t care.

None of those things are true about you. That’s why you’re always trying to develop yourself and grow your skills.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe your public speaking skills need to be worked on.