Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Air: The Air Jordan Shoe Story

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Have you ever wondered about the story behind the iconic Air Jordan shoes produced by Nike? Air tells this story and how Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) courted Michael Jordan (Damian Delano Young) and his family to become the shoe sensation everyone talks about.

Nike wasn’t always the shoe powerhouse you think of today. No, years ago, Nike was more known for their running shoes than basketball shoes. 

That all changed when Sonny saw an opportunity to court a young man that would become synonymous with Nike and basketball. The sales path wasn’t easy, but it was fruitful.

That’s the story of Air.

Air is more than a shoe story. Or a Michael Jordan story. Air is a story of persistence, resilience, and tenacity that can impact your leadership today. Join us for a Reel Leadership journey into Air.