Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Ben-Hur 2016

A Reel Leadership Article

Based on the book Ben-Hur: A Tale Of Christ, Ben-Hur returns to the big screen cinemas.

Over time, the tale of Ben-Hur has been recounted in multiple movies, TV shows, and cartoons. This weekend saw the release of the latest Ben-Hur telling.


The 2016 Ben-Hur is brought to us by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. They’ve previously produced The Bible and A.D. The Bible Continues TV mini-series.

Now, they’re tackling the big screen.

The story of Ben-Hur is a sad tale of a thirst for revenge. Judah Ben-Hur is a prince who is accused of treason by his adopted brother. After being sent away as a slave on the sea, he returns to seek revenge against his brother Messala Severus.

All of this happens in the time of Christ. So, we get to see Jesus Christ weave in and out of the story.

Caution: Ben-Hur spoilers ahead