Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Breaking In

A Reel Leadership Article

I know what you were expecting. You were expecting a leadership lessons from Deadpool 2 article today. Well, you’re not getting it.

After watching the first Deadpool movie, I realized it would be too crass and vulgar for a Reel Leadership. Instead, I’m using the Mother’s Day movie Breaking In for this week’s Reel Leadership article.

Leadership lessons from Breaking In

Breaking In stars Gabrielle Union as Shaun Russell. Shaun had inherited her father’s house after he was brutally run over by a crazy driver.

The young mother and her two children head to the recently inherited house. They discover the house is a fortress. Her father or grandfather had installed a high-tech security system.

While the home was a high-tech fortress, a band of criminals had planned to break into the home. And they did.