Fixing The Rattle

Listen closely. Can you hear the rattle? There’s a slight tick and click and rattle going on in your life.

I’m sure of it. There is in mine. There’s always something that’s clamoring for my attention.

Too often I push away the noise. Thinking it’ll go away.

How wrong I am.

Whenever I hear the rattle in my life, I begin to think about the vehicles I’ve owned. To say I’ve been rough on them would be an understatement.

I’m one of those guys who puts off car maintenance until it’s in dire need of repair.

Most recently it’s been with my trusty Ford Ranger. He’s a mini truck but he’s been faithful transportation.

Lately there was a small rattle or odd noise when I’d drive the truck. Especially when I’d exit a driveway with a dip. I thought it was no big deal.