12 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Alien: Covenant

A Reel Leadership Article

Alien: Covenant is a sequel to the 2012 Prometheus and a prequel to the 1979 Ridley Scott Alien film series. Seeing the backstory of the Alien series brought to life was intriguing. I knew where the movie was headed but couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it.

Set in 2104, we see the spaceship USCSS Covenant headed for a distant planet when something goes terribly wrong. Covenant is transporting thousands of people from earth to a new plant. The ship is hit by a neutrino burst which kills some of the colonists and the captain of the ship.

Leadership lessons and quotes from Alien: Covenant

From there, carnage breaks loose. There’s non-stop action until the final scene. And it was well worth the viewing.

Not only that, I was able to discover these amazing leadership lessons from Alien: Covenant.


Caution: Alien: Covenant spoilers ahead