What’s Your Pretense?

I want to let you in on a little secret today. It’s one not many people know about me.

My secret? I’m not really calm and collected like those around me think I am.

Oh, no… Not at all.

We need to stop putting up fronts

Rather, my mind is a jumbled mess at times.

I’m always trying to calculate what’s going to happen next and trying to figure out how I can prevent the negative outcome I see in my head.

I struggle with understanding money and putting it into the proper buckets.

I look back on past events and beat myself up over them. The grief and guilt is crushing.

I feel like I’m failing…

And I am. And I think we all are.

Yet so very few people know that I feel this way. They look at me and see smiling Joe. They see someone who’s cool under pressure, for the most part.