Take Five Everyday

Our days are constantly filled with activity. Looking at our calendars, we see our days are already penciled in.

It’s hard to find time to get everything finished. It’s hard to find time to breathe on some days.

We feel overwhelmed with everything going on.

Continue to encourage people

So what I’m going to tell you will seem difficult to process. You may even push back against this little piece of advice.

Every day I want you to take five minutes out of your day and write a note of appreciation to someone in your organization or life that has made an impact.

What 5 Minutes Can Do

There are so many awesome people in your organization that go unnoticed. They’re left behind and don’t get the recognition they deserve.

By setting aside 5 minutes every day (and most days won’t require this much time), you can begin to show your team that you appreciate them.

Who Are You Recognizing?

For years, studies have purported to show that employees stick around not due to compensation but because of meaningful work and being recognized for their hard work.

Leaders have extolled these studies. They believed meaningful work and recognition will keep employees around.

That’s true. However, there are times when we think we’re recognizing people but we’re not.

We must recognize the hard workers

So, today I want to ask you: Who are you recognizing?

Why Recognition Is Important

Studies show that recognition is important. People like to be told they’re doing a good job.

We’re creatures of praise and recognition.

We crave kind words, mentions of our name, and other actions that stroke our egos. This makes recognition important.

Don’t neglect to let your employees know you appreciate them.

Who Must You Recognize?

I think this is where leaders can get off base. They fail to recognize those who are doing good work.


Really, it’s amazing what the word Congratulations can do to a person. It can make them feel like they’re on cloud 9 and the world is their oyster.

Whenever we hear Congratulations, we feel like we’ve done something worthy of praise. That’s awesome!

Sadly, we may not hear the word Congratulations all that often. Our spouse (I know I’m guilty of not saying it to my wife enough), our boss, our employees, and even our friends may not say it or communicate it to us. That’s a bummer.

When we don’t hear that great word there’s often a feeling of shame or guilt we haven’t lived up to expectations or done something great. Don’t believe the lie.

We were made to be amazing. We were made to WOW the world. We were made to excel.

21 Signs You’re Ready To Lead

You may or may not realize it but you’re most likely ready to lead. In fact, you’re probably leading already and don’t even realize it.

Check out these 21 signs you’re ready to lead and see if they describe you.

Taking the leadership plunge

Image by Jon Rawlinson

1. You notice others skills and abilities: Leaders have a keen eye for people and their talents. They’re able to see the abilities of others and place them in the proper position.

2. You decide where to have dinner: Most people will brush this off as inconsequential. In fact, it’s quite important. You’re taking a leadership role among your friends. You’re also influencing the decisions they’re making.

3. You share resources: Great leaders know they’re goal is to raise up others to new levels. You help others achieve new heights by sharing exceptional learning material.

How To Give Effective Praise

Who doesn’t like being praised for a job well done?

No one that I can think of. It gives you that boost of confidence. Puts a little pep in your step. Brings a smile to your face.

If it’s done properly.

Medal of Honor Recipient Giving Speech

Image From Creative Commons

What? Praise can be given ineffectively? Yes, yes it can. When it’s fake praise.

I’m sure you’ve encountered it. I have.

A manager tells you “Good job” but you know they don’t mean it. A friend gives an offbeat “Atta boy. Keep at it” when they don’t even know what you do.

This kind of praise can sting a bit. It feels hollow. It comes across as manipulative.

If you’re sincere, praise is effective.  If you’re insincere, it’s manipulative.
— Zig Ziglar

I know you don’t want to give that kind of manipulative praise. You want to give effective praise. Praise that warms the heart of others.